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Find quickly and hassle free your perfect accommodation. No legal risks. We do carefully check ownership titles, we check property register and we verify the translation in all bilingual legal documents is correct.

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What we do for you:


 We will quickly find your perfect accommodation in terms of location, price and the detailed features you are looking for. We will facilitate negotiation with the owner, provide you with a bilingual contract, that is carefully checked by us. 
We find accommodation in private flats or houses within an easy reach to work as per your preference. We negotiate the rent, we review and advise about the terms of the lesser – lessee contract. The contract is signed in Bulgarian as per the Bulgarian law but we provide also English translation of the contract. As per the BG law if any mistakes in translation the Bulgaria version prevails. Therefore, we provide a trusted interpreter always. We will verify the text in Bulgarian is correct to the English translation. 
We do help you set up with broadband internet, cable TV, local phone number.

- Facility Management – We make sure all urgent repairs be carried out, bills to different utility providers be paid in time. If any need for renovation or appliances maintenance we deal with local providers and tradesmen. Needed repairs organized and done also construction wise.
- We help you with procedures for signing with the contracts with the utility companies and we follow for the regular payments being done
3. OTHER SERVICES if needed by an expat client (Optional)

- We help you open a bank account in a local bank. We make sure you have a secure and manageable current bank account.
- Full Orientation – We provide full orientation to the area – available transport, medical facilities, English speaking doctors, dentists, available leisure activities
- Ongoing support – translation, interpreting, language courses, you are never alone and you have someone to turn to if you ever need to.
4. GREET AN MEET (Optional)

4.1 Document translation in Bulgaria if needed

4.2. Meeting at the airport

4.3. Providing temporary accommodation from where we take clients for viewing a short listed properties 
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